3rd Grade


We warmly welcome you and your child into our third grade classrooms. We are committed to provide a school environment with differentiated instruction to meet individual needs. Students are engaged in their learning through the use of technology, the Promethean Board, math manipulatives, and an inquiry based/"hands-on" science curriculum. We are excited to explore and study new cultures and communities to help shape all third graders into globally minded citizens. 

Somerset Third Grade Teachers Picture THIRD GRADE TEACHERS

Michelle Bannie
651-403-8230 | denise.bannie@isd197.org | webpage

Allison David
651-403-8243 | allison.david@isd197.org | webpage

Kaitlin Gardner
651-403-8240 | kaitlin.gardner@isd97.org | about me

Shannon Lawson
651-403-8224 | shannon.lawson@isd197.org | webpage